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Bulbine Natalensis to the rescue

I have often read about the medicinal properties of Bulbine latifolia (Natalensis), but I have never really made the effort to investigate them.  However, yesterday two events occurred that impressed upon me how important it is to keep this plant close at hand.

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Prune hard after flowering

You have probably read the instruction on nursery tags and in many a garden book:  ”Prune hard after flowering”  But how hard is hard?

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Where there’s a will…..

...there's a way!

Spotted these desperate plants fighting the odds.

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Spot the snake.

Found this snake hiding in the compost heap this morning.

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Unusual er….geranium?

This strange plant is called Sarcocaulon vanderietiae (or Bushman’s Candle) and belongs to the geranium family. 

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Gardening with greys

Plants with grey foliage are often very hardy and are ideal for low water zones. The light coloured foliage reflects the sun’s rays away from the plant, thereby keeping the plant cooler, which in turn reduces transpiration.

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