Harveya purpurea subsp. purpurea

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Botanical Name
Harveya purpurea subsp. purpurea
Orobanchaceae -

The Broomrape family.

HARV-ee-uh pur-PUR-ee-uh
Common Name(s)
English: Ink flower
Afrikaans: Inkblom
Plant Group
  • Parasite

    Parasitic plants use the water and nutrients of their host plants to sustain themselves.

  • Veld Flower Small veld flowers of interest, rather than for their usefulness in the garden. Some of these plants have garden potential, particularly for less formal garden situations.
Plant Size
  • Small
    Tree4m to 8m
    Shrub50cm to 75cm
    Perennial/ground cover10cm to 20cm
    Bulb20cm to 30cm
    Succulent10cm to 20cm
  • Light or Dappled Shade Found below trees with sparse, open foliage. Ideal for the protection of herbaceous plants.
  • Sun The area is in full sun for all or most of the day, all year round.
General Information
Specific Information

A ground hugging plant root parasite that attaches itself to the roots of grasses and receives its food from the host. Appears singly or in clusters of 4 - 5 flower stalks, about 15 cm high. When touched or bruised the surface becomes bluish-black. The flowers turns black when it dries. 

This specimen was found in the Martindale area close to Grahamstown in a grassy area in which the fynbos species Erica copiosa is common. Growing in full sun and in the light shade of surrounding grasses.

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trumpet-shaped, opening to five lobes with bright yellow centers

  • Spring to Summer Plants will seldom bloom for the entire season as given in the list, but should flower during a period within these parameters.
  • pink
Growth Rate
Plant Uses
Distribution and Habitat

from the Cedarberg to the Cape Peninsula in the Western Cape east along the coastal belt to Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, mainly among fynbos, on stony slopes and sandy flats 

Planting Suggestions

Not applicable.

Medicinal Uses

No data found.

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