Ceropegia woodii

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Botanical Name
Ceropegia woodii
Apocynaceae - The Oleander or Dogbane family.
seer-oh-PEEJ-ee-uh WOOD-ee-eye
Common Name(s)
English: Necklace vine; String of hearts
Plant Group
  • Succulent A plant having fleshy stems or leaves often adapted to dry conditions.
Plant Size
  • Very Small
    Tree3m to 4m
    Shrub25cm to 50cm
    Perennial/ground coverUp to 10cm
    Bulb10cm to 20cm
    SucculentUp to 5cm
  • Canopy Shade Canopy shade is found below closely grown trees where some light filters through. Ideal for the protection of herbaceous plants.
  • Light or Dappled Shade Found below trees with sparse, open foliage. Ideal for the protection of herbaceous plants.
General Information
  • Drought Tolerance: Moderate The plant is moderately adapted to arid conditions and can survive short periods of drought and high temperatures without extra water.
  • Evergreen Plants that have leaves all year round.
  • Frost: Tender A plant that will not survive any frost or low winter temperatures.
  • Water Moderate These plants will need some extra watering compared to water-wise plants. Plant them together, in at least some shade and in a convenient proximity to the house so that grey water can be utilised during times of drought.
Specific Information

Ceropegia woodii​ is usually kept as a hanging pot subject. The small, heart-shaped leaves are a dull pinkish purple below and either green or a variegated silvery-green above. The leaves sometimes curve into a spoon-like shape, looking a bit like tiny water lily pads. 

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swollen base narrowing to a tube, ending in a 'cage' at the tip

  • Summer Plants will seldom bloom for the entire season as given in the list, but should flower during a period within these parameters.
  • pink
Growth Rate
  • Fast Specifying growth rate can be very misleading as there is considerable variation of growth rate depending on type and species of plant, available water, supplementary feeding, mulching and general care, as well as the plants suitability and adaptability to the garden environment.
Plant Uses
  • Pot Plant A plant that needs a protected environment on a patio or indoors.
  • Rock Garden An area constructed of larger rocks, arranged naturally, to emphasise the use of stones as a main element. Generally plants used do not need a lot of care.
  • Water Features These plants may have dramatic, lush foliage or graceful form. They do not shed excessive leaves and do not have invasive root systems.
Distribution and Habitat

Kwazulu-Natal to the western strips of Mpumalanga and the Northern Province,  in forested areas, with its small tubers embedded on rocky ledges or in banks of soil.

Planting Suggestions

Best planted in a hanging pot in a lightly shaded position, with some protection from wind, or in shady nooks in the rock or water garden, where it can trail downwards. Do not over water - I did and lost almost all of my plants.

Medicinal Uses

No data found.

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I have chain of harts growing as a ground cover. Not by intention but a small pot was teft on the ground after the hanger broke and the next thing I knew the vines are growing all over the ground up to 8 meters from the initial pot. It also hangs from a wall like a waterfall and I trim with sissors. Some grows in sun. If you would like I can send some pictures.

Yes please, I would love some photos. You are so fortunate to be able to grow this plant. I really love it but I am down to two small pieces. The soil and lack of moisture here are not what it likes, but I am nurturing my little bits in the hope that I can re-establish a small community.

Please also send me the name you would like me to use for the credits as I will most likely put your photos on this page.


Lorraine, I was reminded of this when a further comment was posted. I'm not sure if I sent you any photos but as I cannot find how to send I will assume I did not. I will post them on Facebook. Look for Golly Baum

Hi Golly

Thanks, I was hoping you would remember. Could you email the pics to me as well as it will be easier for me to transfer them to the website. My email is kumbulanursery@gmail.com.

Your comment is most useful - I will see to it that instructions for sending photos are more precise.

Kind regards

Is Ceropegia woodii suitable for a bright bathroom with no direct light?

Hi Denise

I haven't any experience with growing Ceropegia indoors myself but I seem to recall my mother growing it in a greenhouse and it grew very well. It would certainly be worth a try. Most important is not to allow it to become water-logged. Let the soil get quite dry between waterings.

Kind regards

Brought 1 plant from Cape Town when I returned to live in Cornwall in 1997.Now so many yrs and so many gifts from Mother plant I had a delightful surprise last Aug and again this year ! 1 plant hanging outside on sheltered porch grew a DOUBLE SPIKED 3CM LONG SEEDPOD.I WAS DELIGHTED.My daughters call the flowers "Little jugs".

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