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Aliens out of control (1)

Information about alien plants that have become invasive.View the "Aliens out of control" category »

Botanical names and terms (3)

Definitions and explanations of Latin plant names and other botanical terms.View the "Botanical names and terms" category »

Fungi (4)

Mushrooms, toadstools and other fungilly stuff that appear in the garden. View the "Fungi" category »

Garden pests (4)

Creatures that cause mayhem in the garden. View the "Garden pests" category »

Garden practice (8)

Things to do in the garden - mulching, planting, pruning, planning, seeding, weeding, propagating, and watering View the "Garden practice" category »

Plants (25)

Specific or general information pertaining to various plants.View the "Plants" category »

Veld flowers (7)

The small wild flowering plants I have come across in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.View the "Veld flowers" category »

Wild life (9)

The critters I have found in my garden - insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians and small mammals. View the "Wild life" category »

Xeriscaping and water wise gardening (4)

Gardening for a warmer world and practices that decrease water consumption.View the "Xeriscaping and water wise gardening" category »
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