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Acacia name change to Vachellia

I have been rather tardy in applying the change of name for Acacias. I am really not qualified to explain this change in taxonomy but from my (limited) understanding, there is a difference between the Acacias of Africa  and Asia compared to the Acacias of Australia. Suffice it to say that the name Acacia has been retained for the Australian wattle, while in Africa, the name Acacia has been replaced in most cases by Vachellia and in others by Senegalia.

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Making sense of botanical names of plants

Latin botanical names of plants is an area which many gardeners simply bypass as being too complicated to consider and I admit that for a long while I simply learned the names without any understanding of what they meant. But at last the lights came on and I have begun to gain some insight. So here are some basic points that helped clarify my baffled brain.

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Indigenous, Endemic, Exotic, Alien?

Even if you're just starting out with indigenous gardening, you have probably already come across these buzz words and possibly have been as confused as I was when I started out.

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