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Dog stinkhorn - Mutinus caninus

I found this stinkhorn recently in my garden. The tip is covered with slime which reportedly smells like cat faeces. The slime contains the spores. The smell attracts flies, the slime sticks to them and is then transferred to suitable places where the next fungus can grow. This fungus seems to be quite common and originates from Europe, the UK and eastern North America. They are not poisonous to humans or animals.

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Fungi and lichen in my garden

Are there any mycologists out there who can help with identifying any of these fungi that are growing in my garden?

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Lysurus corallocephalus - freaky fungus

Have you seen this fungus?  It belongs to the stinkhorn family and is highly odiferous. It is seemingly rather uncommon.  It lasted for 48 hours. Please let us know if you have seen one - when and where.

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Hidden Life

Some of the most rewarding delights for the gardener are those found close to the ground.


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