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Suitability of Acacia xanthophloea for dry climates and other points of interest

I received a query from a farmer in Namaqualand, an arid to semi-arid region of South Africa situated along the western coast, regarding the suitability of Acacia xanthophloea as a shade, stock feed and ornamental tree. This species has gained enormous popularity in the past few years and is now grown successfully in a number of varying habitats across South Africa. Despite the Fever Tree's adaptability to different climatic conditions, however, it is good practice to consider both the...

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Cycads: Beware this pretty moth

If you are the owner of a cycad, this is the time of year to keep an eye on the young tender leaves emerging from the crown. If you are seeing damage to the leaves similar to that in the accompanying photo, read on....

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What's eating my arum lilies?

Summer is settling in, we've had good rain, plants are recovering, birds are singing, butterflies are flitting – did I say 'butterflies'?

Butterflies and moths, as innocent as they appear, have a definite sting in the tail. To enjoy their intricate colours, their delicate dips and swings across the sun-kissed garden and their evening hovering among scented blooms, we have to live with their myriad offspring which chomp, chew and generally deface our carefully tended plants, shrubs and...

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Shedding reptiles

I came across this snake skin while I was pruning my plectranthus - made me wake up to the fact that I blunder around my garden never thinking I might stumble across a snake.

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Spot the snake.

Found this snake hiding in the compost heap this morning.

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Hadeda toilette

I have seen a wide variety of birds at our birdbath, but this is a first……

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