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Succulents: a growing passion

Africa is growing desert like never before in recorded history, and there seems little hope that this trend will be stemmed anytime in the near future. Traditional gardening with leafy water gluttons is a thing of the past  with succulents winning increased popularity around the world.

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Gardening with greys

Plants with grey foliage are often very hardy and are ideal for low water zones. The light coloured foliage reflects the sun’s rays away from the plant, thereby keeping the plant cooler, which in turn reduces transpiration.

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Lazy Gardening for the Future: Much More Mulch

We all know what a well-cared-for garden looks like: beds neatly dug, leaves banished to black bags, and large areas of  lawn with shrubbery arranged around the edges.  But times have changed. Weather conditions and increase ecological awareness have resulted in a shift in the way we garden. The good news is that an ecologically sound approach is also the road to low maintenance gardening.

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