Hidden Life

Once a healthy environment has been established in your garden, it will, over time, begin to live again.  This of course takes some patience. One has to expect to wait a couple of years or more although it may have taken no more than a day for a bulldozer to denude your plot of all life. Assuming you have inherited a sterile garden, you at least have a head start. I have heard said that when an environment becomes unbalanced, the frogs are the first to leave and the last to return. This sounds logical as frogs are known to be vulnerable to the slightest negative change in their environment. It took almost ten years in my Highveld garden before I saw a toad!

There are so many variable factors, that each garden requires its own mini set of requirements, but once you have your garden on the road to recovery, you will soon see the stirrings of life. Be ready to be distracted by a wasp collecting mud for her nest, a couple of geckos defending their territory or a wood louse carrying her tiny pink babies on her back.

Tiny tortoise
Community spiders
Crab spider
Bag worm
Bracket fungus

We can't all get to go on game drives, but keep a small magnifying glass in your pocket when you're in the garden. A whole world of wonder awaits you.


Hi. Been trying to google the name of this little indigenous ground cover. It's very invasive but lovely in a pot. It's green in the shade and greeny/mauve in the sun. The stems are brown. Does anybody know the name?

Hi Shan

I have also been trying to find the name of this plant for quite some time. It does look a bit like a crassula but I don't think it is one. I do know that it is not indigenous - might be from Madagascar.

It is incredibly invasive. I have been trying to eradicate it from my garden for about 5 years but it just keeps on coming back. I have loaded a couple of pictures as well.

Try sending your query to http://www.sprig.co.za/contribute-to-sprig/ as well. Hopefully someone will be able to supply a name.

Kind regards

Hi Lorraine

Yes, that's it. Most people would call it a weed so was surprised to see it being sold at a local nursery as a hanging pot plant a few years ago. Hopefully one of your readers will know the name. Will try the link as well.Thank you.

Kind regards

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