The Veld Flower Mysteries: An explanation

My mystery plants

For the past several years I have been trying to identify a host of  little wild flowers growing in the wild garden.  I have had limited success in this endeavour, identifying only about half the 100+ plants for which I have photographic material. Either my search skills have hit a ceiling or the information I am seeking is stored in media to which I do not have access, quite apart from which the same plant can often take several different guises, just to trip up the unwary amateur.  I appeal to anyone who can identify or otherwise shed light on these plants, please to do so.  Here are just a few....

Pea flower Kwandwe
Solved - Verbena





The tiny ground hugging flowers (Purple, pink and white) often seen along road sides is a type of Verbena. It is not indigenous to South Africa. I think Verbenas are from South America. To my knowledge it has not yet been declared as an invader because it grows almost exclusively in disturbed areas such as next to roads. It is a very hardy perrenial and provides colour for months in my garden.

Hi Christiaan

Many thanks for identifying this plant for me. No wonder I could not find it among my indigenous flower books. They make such a pretty show and as you say, flower all summer long. I love the way the flowers change colour as they age.

I have discovered that there are six species of Verbena that are naturalised in South Africa, all of them as you said, from South America. This particular species is Verbena aristigera.

Kind regards

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