Veld Flower Mystery 2

This is a scandent perennial sub-shrub, growing in full sun and canopy shade. The tiny white flowers are quite distinctive with five fused petals, the center, longer petal creating a landing place for insects, and the stamens are quite long and curl over from the top. The leaves are palmate with three lobes. Seed heads consist of four closely packed light brown seeds.

Mystery plant 2
Mystery plant 2
Mystery plant 2


It is Teucrium africanum and turns out to be a useful medicinal plant. Read more at


Many thanks to Kwandwe Private Game Reserve for the loan of over 300 identified veld flower photos. I spotted this one with glee. It is named Teucrium africanum. I have found very little information about this herb. If anyone can add some information, please do. I am really rather fond of this little plant. See this link for more information:

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