Unusual er….geranium?

This strange plant is called Sarcocaulon vanderietiae (or Bushman’s Candle) and belongs to the geranium family.  What a surprise to see this delicate, crinkly bloom, so at odds with the plant itself.  The waxy coating on the stems is flammable even when wet, so can be used for lighting fires.

Sarcocaulon vanderietiae
Sarcocaulon vanderietiae
Sarcocaulon vanderietiae


I love this plant but can't seem to find much information on it at all. I have always thought it was a Monsonia vanderietiae and that would explain my searches coming up blank. Thanks!

it used to be Monosonia. I am fascinated by the delicacy and form of the flower on such an unlikely subject. My plants flowered well but sadly did not produce seed.

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