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Wild Veld Flowers - new Plant Group added to website

Over the last few years my interest in the 'little veld flowers' that we seldom see as we speed along the highways, has been aroused.  They vary from sub-shrubs to succulents, bulbs, annuals, perennials and creepers. As the demand for indigenous plants increases, some of these species can now be found at indigenous nurseries.

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Kwandwe Private Game Reserve – a botanist's paradise

I recently had an opportunity to visit Kwandwe Private Game Reserve for a couple of days and was overwhelmed not only by the prime condition of the wild life, but also by the rich variety of plants in the veld. The reserve is situated between Grahamstown and Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape, where the climate is semi-Karoid; very hot and dry in summer and very cold and dry during winter.


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Shedding reptiles

I came across this snake skin while I was pruning my plectranthus - made me wake up to the fact that I blunder around my garden never thinking I might stumble across a snake.

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Fungi and lichen in my garden

Are there any mycologists out there who can help with identifying any of these fungi that are growing in my garden?

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Lysurus corallocephalus - freaky fungus

Have you seen this fungus?  It belongs to the stinkhorn family and is highly odiferous. It is seemingly rather uncommon.  It lasted for 48 hours. Please let us know if you have seen one - when and where.

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Bulbine Natalensis to the rescue

I have often read about the medicinal properties of Bulbine latifolia (Natalensis), but I have never really made the effort to investigate them.  However, yesterday two events occurred that impressed upon me how important it is to keep this plant close at hand.

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